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This has all become possible thanks to the technology known as Voice over Internet Protocal or VOIP and our preferred provider is www.skype.com. Unlike other VOIP providers, Skype encrypts the video and audio stream providing the privacy so important to a counseling session. And best of all, Skype itself is completely free to download, install, and use.

Our sessions can be in one of three languages: Hebrew, Spanish, English.

You will be able to talk, see, and get individualized help from Dr. Steinbaum by following 3 simple steps:

1. Book your appointment in advance by e-mail mentioning your desired date and time for the session.
2. Once the appointment and time slot has been approved by the counselor, a return mail will be sent to you for confirmation of details.
3.Click the Skype me icon on the website (on the contact page) to call the counselor directly (date and time as confirmed in the email) to start your session.

Before your session, please verify that your Skype connection is working by dialing echo123 (Skype Test Call).