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Question From a worry mother
I have to sons. One is 6 years old moves,jumps,talk,plays,fights all the time. made me crazy. The other is 9 years old and always silent,never smiles,have only one close friend.I'm worry about him. I went to see our family Doctor He listen to me and said,better consult with a neurologist,it looks to me that your sons problem are in the nervous system.

I was afraid of that “nervous system",but a follow his advice . read more...

The result of a long neurological diagnostic process was:one boy was ADHD the other suffer from a Depression.One,the “hyperactive is taking Ritalin,2 times a day,the other an antidepressant that has a name difficult to pronounce.Both have an chemical brain unbalance,that is going to be balanced with this pills.I forget to tell you,one of my boys is 3 years old,the hyperactive,and the other 6.
The problem is that now,my hyperactive child is depress.The Neurologist said that better if we consult a Child Psychiatrist.
I really don't know what to do ??? Help !!!

It seems that your Neurologist is right.the fact that the drug treatment didn't solve the problem,means that the problem is an emotional one. A Child Psychiatrist or a Psychologist can help you to cope with your child's problems.Because there are many psychotherapeutic approach,you and your husband will have to chose one .And this is not an easy task.