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Difficult times happen in life; the stress is normal, but the difficulties have to be faced.

Nobody likes feeling down, especially when the down feeling persists for a long time.

If the problem continues for too long it becomes dangerous. When you feel like your very soul is suffering and your ability to resist the negative nearly gone, it is time to do something about it.

The signs:

You are having increasing difficulties at work and your job is on the line.

A formerly close relationship is hanging by a thread.

You find it hard to commit to a relationship.

You lose someone close to you.

During pregnancy, you have frightening thoughts.

After pregnancy you feel depressed.

You have difficulty dealing with your parents in their old age.

You perhaps have a hyperactive child and have questions about Ritaline.

All of these things do not happen to everybody, but everybody

experiences some of them.

Psychological Video Live Counseling (PVLC) is one of the first Israeli web site to offer you psychological counseling,face-to-face, online , from the comfort and security of your own home or office.

It is about human connection through an electronic medium.It works to the point that you can even forget that you are not in the same room. Emotions are real, like in a face to face meeting.

We at VLPC believe that seeing and hearing are essential components to the process of coping with problems and are vital to properly guide you to find the answers to your questions and problems.