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TV Screen, Not Couch, Is Required for This Session

Published: June 8, 2006
The New York Times
Category : Health & Education

Dr. Sara Gibson looked into the television screen and got right down to it. "What's keeping you alive at this point?" she asked her patient, a middle-aged woman who asked to be identified only as D. D grimaced, looked down, then to the side and finally into Dr. Gibson's face, which filled the screen before her in a tiny clinic three hours east of here in the Arizona desert......

Why Ritalin Rules

From the book Driven to Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., and John J.

There are stories that are mere signs of the times, and then there are stories so emblematic of a particular time and place that they demand to be designated cultural landmarks. Such a story was the New York Times' front-page report on January 18 appearing under the tame, even soporific headline, "For School Nurses, More Than Tending the Sick."...

Emotional triggers in Epilepsy


Seizures can be triggered by emotional reactions and stressful situations. In idiopathic and psychogenic epilepsy, stressful experiences, memories, thought and feelings, became triggers. Epilepsy is a neurological process, but seizures do not occur in a psychological vacuum.........