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PVLC is headed by Dr. Ricardo Steinbaum, a medical doctor licensed to practice psychiatry and psychotherapy. Dr.Steinbaum resides in Jerusalem, Israel and has worked in this field for many years.

PVLC is headed by Dr. Ricardo Steinbau
Founder of the Center for Epilepsy Treatment and Counseling
Therapy supervisor at the School for Social Work
Postgraduate lecturer in therapy and counseling for psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers
Senior Psychiatrist at hospitals in Israel and abroad

We at PVLC strongly believe that one can be helped to a better life without the use of psychiatric drugs.

Adapting the communicative channels of the Internet makes it possible for PVLC to reach people in need of counseling. Dr. Steinbaum has been using Internet Video Counseling for five years.

PVLC subscribes to the belief that:

The Internet, properly used, is an efficient and secure medium for psychotherapy and is therefore well suited to providing an alternative means to assist people to cope with their problems.

We do not believe that human problems can be solved with chemicals and we do not recommend nor prescribe psychiatric drugs.

What is it like to receive counseling over an Internet link? You see and hear your counselor and he sees and hears you as if you were in the same room.

Imagine how much more effective a full two-way video link is compared to email or chat or even telephone!

The on line video link is personal and confidential and provides the vital visual and audio cues so that counselor and consultant can properly communicate. Of course, should you feel uncomfortable with the video, you can very easily turn it off and continue the session with only the audio.