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Psychological counseling via webcam
Real and effective as face to face.
The relief you seek from the comfort of your home.
Perfect for:
> Anyone in need of counseling and advice
> Busy businessmen / women
> Parents with newborns
Difficult times occur to everyone. While we all struggle with life’s hardships, In order to truly solve a problem, it should be revealed and explored. The things we bury inside will appear again and again.

Unlike other sites we believe that
hearing and seeing are essential qualities needed in order to provide you with effective solutions to your problems.
The use of web cams allows you and your therapist to feel as if you were in the same room; it allows the emotional connection needed for your therapy. Many online therapy/ counseling, or e-therapy sites offer: email, chat and over the phone counseling. We believe these mediums are simply not enough.

Plug in your webcam and get started.

PCVW is headed by Dr. Ricardo Steinbaum, a medical doctor licensed to practice psychiatry and psychotherapy.
Specialist license No. 5045. Professional Matricula No. 11418, Health Ministry of Israel

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